Community & Comment Management

This is where we shine. We can help design your processes, tone of voice, training programs and risk controls to make sure you’re getting the comments section right. We can also manage your comments and responses too.

Our goal is to help you exceed customer expectations and mitigate all risks through effective operating models.


Social Media Strategy

Any good social strategy starts with understanding the audience. We start with the comments section.

We take your business goals and overlay what your audience is doing online and in social media. The result is a highly effective and simple social strategy that generate positive business outcomes.


Social Insights & Analysis

Social and online interactions can tell you a lot about your target audience. We love comments, and pride ourselves on understanding the what and the why behind them.

We’ll give you insights on your customer, category or company based on what the internet is doing. This can help improve your decision making and business outcomes, whatever the problem might be.



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